We offer a variety of fun and exciting classes. Our group classes are capped at 10 people ensuring everyone receives the attention needed. All group classes are 6 weeks and 90 minutes long.  At the conclusion of each class, there is an open class where each student can invite guests and show off their new and amazing acting skills! We also offer online coaching, a 10 week intensive one-on-one coaching session and drop in class the 2nd Sunday of every month.  




6:30pm – 8pm


1pm - 3:30pm

Miming is acting without the use of words. You have to rely on your body language alone to portray a certain emotion and scenario. This would allow you to stay connected to your body and really tune in to what it's asking of you.


6:30pm – 8pm

1pm– 3:30pm

Improvisational theatre is where we create unplanned and unscripted scenes spontaneously. It further develops your communication skills, problem solving and supportive team -work. And you'll have loads of fun in the process.


6:30pm – 8pm

10am – 12:30pm

Here we act the role of certain people / situations in our lives that has brought us either pleasure or pain. Switch or what is commonly known as role-play allows you to draw compassion for the other person and see things through different lens. 



Classes can be taken from anywhere - Each class is an one hour long - We'll focus on whatever the client is needing at the moment - Must schedule on-line


“Shift the junk and use the junk” is a private one-on-one 10 week coaching technique for actors, whom get lost in the debris of their own personal story. In a healing and safe environment, we resolve on clearing a path in which one would allow one to create an authentic character. The technique is designed to allow you to create the character, not become the character as you can only become yourself.


The course blends a hybrid of Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen, however we work so you can develop your own technique. We focus on one-on-one as every actor need is different. You will be stretched, pushed yet experience a deeper depth of your craft. We’ll open the heart so you can use your vessel to heal others.

The Acting Circuit

2nd Sunday of Every Month 

On the 2nd Sunday of every month - We invite actors to join us to work out to play and work out there kinks - Every person will be given a monologue prior to class - You must come with the monologue memorized - Each person will have a chance to perform the piece and receive constructive feedback - This will allow the actor to deepen their character analysis and monologue / scene prep for auditions.